His / Her Brain Riddles

Facing the different psychological stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, those who suffer from cancer constantly face a series of “brain riddles” about their condition. What exactly is this disease? How can it be treated? What are the side effects of treatment? Will my hair grow back? Will I still be able to move around freely? Will the tumor come back? How do I deal with the strange looks of others?

The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society and renowned local writer and cartoonist, fatmoonba, have teamed up to launch a new “HK Hat Day” logo. As cancer patients face numerous “brain riddles” that seem like dead ends, they may feel trapped in a maze with no way out. Education and research are the keys to clearing a path for those lost in that maze, unraveling the puzzle, and finding a solution.

His / Her sharing may be the key to getting out of the maze of “brain riddles”.

Family, Ah Yi’s support and motivation

“Brain Tumor is affecting my optic nerve”
“I have to overcome the inconvenience brought by the illness to work hard”,
“exhausted both physically and mentally”
“I am taking an expensive targeted drug, which force me to endure discomfort and continue working”
“My greatest wish is to take better care of my son”

Embracing a Limited Life – Jeanna

“The first time was a life-saving surgery.”
“The second time – an awake craniotomy.”
“My mom also has the same disease.”
“I was worried it would affect my ability to use my hands and feet.”
“The tumour-treating fields therapy is very expensive.”
“I should make the most of the time I have left.”

Keep going – Tunie

“I had long hair for decades, but suddenly went bald.”
“I don’t even want to look at people when I go out because I feel so ugly.”
“You know…hair is something I care about a lot.”
“I’ve come to realize that some things are just really sensitive to me.”, “but it’s actually not a big deal.”
“I believe I can conquer it (brain tumor).”

Drawing Despite Difficulties – Ka Ho

“I’m so tired…so tired…”
“Sometimes my head suddenly hurts just like it’s being hit again and again.”
“After having surgery, I was bald and couldn’t cover up the scars. I really wanted to cry.”
“Do what I love to do.”
“Every hurdle is difficult to overcome, but we can do it!”

“Life Traveler – Siu-ning”

“A tumor”, “A nightmare”
“Grateful that the tumor is smaller this time”
“The stronger the challenge, the stronger you become. You have to be stronger than it (the cancer cell) and fight with it”
“Although I may not be able to go to many places in the second half of my life, it is still a blessing to have been able to go there in the first half.”