From the moment of diagnosis to treatment, various types of hats have become essential accessories for those battling brain tumors.

Yes, “brain tumor”:
a very frightening disease, a term so closely associated with death.

Despite the fear, they bravely undergo various treatments. Chemotherapy causes them to lose their hair; repeated brain surgeries leave obvious scars on their heads. That is why hats are more than just a fashion statement for them – they are their trusty companions, protecting their fragile skulls, shielding them from wind and sun, and covering their hair loss with fashion to avoid many curious looks.

To show our support for patients with brain tumors, the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society is launching the “HK Hat Day” campaign on March 31.

The campaign aims to not only raise funds for those battling brain tumors but also increase public awareness of the difficult challenges they face, protecting and supporting them. Your generous donations will contribute towards funding vital research and education initiatives.

Join us in making a difference on “HK Hat Day”:
On March 31, put on your favorite hat and snap a selfie. Then, post your picture on your social media platform with the hashtag “#HKHatDay” to spread the word and support brain tumors patients.

Want to do more for brain tumors patients?
Participants are welcome to make a donation to HKACS, supporting our brain tumors prevention education and research work.

Besides supporting us in your personal capacity, you can also join us in the name of your organization: gather your colleagues, wear your favourite hats to work, take a group photo, and share it on social media with the hashtag “#HKHatDay”.

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Donations of $100 or more will be eligible for a formal receipt for tax deduction purposes.

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